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TSF March Meeting Review

This month, we finished collecting (for the most part) our annual dues. We figured that it's time we made some club t-shirts and brewing shorts, and then decided on the most important addition: club. camo. shorts. In honor of certain club members' obsession with camo shorts, we might be ordering some club shorts (depending on pricing).

We set up our upcoming monthly meetup: March 19th at House 6 Brewing, for the St. Patty's Games event they have. Meetup will be 5:00PM, and we'll have some sort of table/booth setup. If you're looking for a partner to sign up with, let us know and we can figure out teams for our club. Non-homebrew guests are welcome to come!

There were homebrews for the beer of the month, Irish beers, brought by Jeremy, Lynsey, Darrel, Brian, and Keith. Jeremy had us do a side-by-side of his blueberry witbier (kegged vs. bottled), and Bob brought his 100th-batch West Coast IPA out. Congratulations on 100 brew days, Bob! We also tried commercial examples of BJCP 15A, 15B, and 15C for Irish beers month.

Our beer of the month for April is "April Fools Day". We'll all be brewing goofy or unconventional beers, and everyone is going to guess what style the beers are and whose they might be.

Our beer of the month for May is "Summertime Beer". Bring a homebrew and a story about your favorite warm-weather beer, and be prepared to tell us all about why your choice is the best summer beer.

Our next meeting will be April 4th at House 6 Brewing.

For more information on what you might've missed this month, please read the monthly notes attached!

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