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TSF April Meeting Details

This month, we'll be meeting at House 6 Brewing Company in Ashburn, Virginia on April 4th at 6:30PM.

The beer of the month will be April Fools Day beers. Goofy, zany, strange ingredients; whatever you think fits the topic, bring it out! Homebrews preferred, and any other styles of beers are still welcome.

For our education portion, club president Keith will be giving a short quiz on BJCP styles and talking about our results with us.

We'll be talking about our club's upcoming monthly happy hour. We've talked this year about doing a springtime bar crawl before it gets warm, so come out knowing your availability over the next couple months. We'd really like to get as many of us out as possible. We're also expecting to finalize the club brewing shirts / t-shirts / shorts this month, and can do our best to have them ASAP.

Keith is bringing 10 pounds of El Dorado as well, so of if any club members are looking to use El Dorado hops in upcoming brews, please let us know and we can make sure he brings however much you need.


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