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TSF November Review

For the first time in over five years, The Social Fermenters met at a new location. Special thanks to Favio and Travis at Dynasty Brewing Company (Ashburn location) for making sure we were well-received!

We had a lot of beers for our first new location, too (which was good, since we had a few interested non-members stop by). Darrel brewed a Black Chocolate Ale and brought out House 6's Barrel-Aged Porter, both of which the club really enjoyed and were probably the favorites of the night. Brian brought a (perfectly carbonated) winter warmer and his

rum barleywine that the club has had each of the past three winters, Slava brought out his everchanging Belgian Strong Ale, and Keith brewed an unusual Session Black IPA. In addition to the homebrews, Dynasty Brewing was open and able to sell us a few of their excellent commercial beers.

The club talked about our meeting schedule in 2024, and we decided that we will continue to alternate monthly between Dynasty Brewing and brewing at a member's house. This is a great way for members to pick up new techniques and see how other people brew. If anyone is interested in hosting, please let us know. There is no requirement for it to be a homebrew day, either; if any members are more interested in hosting a tasting day and instead walking the club through distillation techniques, food prep, blacksmithing (Darrel forges his own tools, it turns out), or horticulture, that's great too!

Our December meeting information will go out later this month, but members can plan on meeting at Eggy's house on Saturday, December 9th at 2:00PM.


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