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TSF October Review

The Social Fermenters had our annual cidermaking event at longtime member Tim Simpkins' house. While there, we were joined by a few guest brewers and managed to press over 10 gallons of cider out of the 8 bushels of apples that Tim brought. The pressing process meant that we were washing the apples, removing imperfections and bruising from them, cutting them so that they could be processed through the hopper, running them through a sophisticated blender-type item (a clean

garbage disposal), and then pressing them. It was quite a process, but a great time. We also discussed the new plan for the meeting schedule; we are going to continue to do one

month in-brewery, one month at a member's home.

Slava brought out his newly brewed Belgian ale, Keith brought another round (with changes from his last batch) of his N.A. IPA, and Brian brewed a horchata blonde to celebrate the season. All three beers were as well-received as you could expect, considering the styles chosen (no offense Slava!).

Looking forward, we are in the process of finding a new meeting space for our monthly club meetings. Darrel has done a really good job of reaching out to some of the nearby breweries (thanks Darrel!), and we think we have found a new place. We are still in communication finalizing any sort of potential paperwork and what time we can meet, but our next meeting will likely be Tuesday, November 7th at Dynasty Brewing Company Ashburn location.

At the meeting, we will have a discussion on membership dues, the meeting schedule moving forward, and (of course) try whatever good homebrews we have been doing. If you're a member who knows you're unable to make the November 7th meeting, please reach out and email us.


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