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TSF April Meeting Review

Three words for you: Spring. Brewery. CRAWL! We talked more about the specifics of our annual (in that we did it once "B.C.") Brewery Crawl, and decided we'll be doing it in Leesburg. The exact date has not yet been determined. We've sent out an email to figure out which dates work best for everyone. Missed the email? No problem! Access the survey for Brewery Crawl best dates here.

Our club apparel took a little bit to get decided, but we managed to figure it out. Brewing shirts (button-downs) will be around $37 per person, and t-shirts will be $25 per person. The brewing shirts will have our secondary logo (TSF and the grain, with nothing else) above the pocket on the front, and a larger full version on the back. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough camo shorts at the last meeting, so they didn't make the cut.

Keith gave an April Fools Day-inspired quiz to the club, and Rich managed to nail 7 out of 10 answers and win himself a gift card to Grogtag. Keep an eye out for his custom-labeled beer that is undoubtedly coming up.

The beer of the month for April was April Fools Day beer. We had some great, goofy examples: Darrel made a horseradish beer (that was surprisingly good!) and a kafir-lime leaf beer. Slava's accidental saison made another appearance along with a new Jelly/Black Currant sour, and there were some other great examples from Brian, Jeremy, and Mark.

Mark (heh) your calendars: Mark is doing a brew day for AHA's Big Brew Day on May 7th, and we're invited. We'll talk more about it at the next meeting. Mark also told us about a great homebrewing resource that not many people knew about, Chop & Brew. It's a webshow that specializes in homebrews, and has recipes. Check them out!

Our beer of the month for May is summertime beer. Bring a homebrew and a story about your favorite warm-weather beer, and be prepared to tell us all about why your choice is the best summer beer.

Our beer of the month for June is hazy beer. While this can obviously be hazy IPAs, all hazy entrants are encouraged. And make it hazy!

Our beer of the month for July is lawnmower beers. A little different than summer beers, in that this is the one you want after a day mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, or biking the W&OD Trail. A little bit more heads up, since lagers are anticipated.

Our next meeting will be May 2nd at House 6 Brewing.

For more information on what you might've missed this month, please read the meeting minutes attached!

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