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TSF February Review

We managed to make it back to House 6 Brewing for our February meeting, where we got to try a few different homebrews.

Slava brought out a hoppy blonde that seemed to be the club favorite , Keith's brewed a saison using a historical yeast (JY102) sourced from Shuter's Hill Brewery (a brewery in Alexandria that burned down in 1893, more information found here for history buffs), and Brian brought out a serrano pale ale and a orange vanilla barleywine.

Looking forward, we'll be doing our first brewing session meeting of 2023 in March! Club member Darrel will be hosting on Saturday, March 4th, and will walk us through how he approaches the brewing process. Brian will be bringing out some homemade salsa to pair with the drinks, and all members are encouraged to bring their homebrews (or food items, if anyone is interested in bringing out a unique dish). If you're a new or prospective member and you're a little unsure about our meeting schedule for March, reach out and let us know.

We're also starting to figure out which weekend works best for our annual TSF Spring Brewery Crawl! We are aiming for April, so if you're looking forward to coming out, please send your availability for April weekends.

We have more information on dues, National Homebrew Con, and other events, but we'll be sending that out later this week.


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