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TSF March Meeting Details

This month, we'll be meeting at club member Darrel's house in Ashburn, Virginia on March 4th at 1:30PM.

The beer of the month will be homebrews & shared beers. We absolutely will be trying out our homebrews; club president Brian has his first non-serrano beer in three months to bring. Since there will be food and a brewing session going on, we encourage members to bring out any sort of "I've been storing this for..." beer!

For our education portion, Darrel will be walking us through his brew day and what that entails, We'll compare his techniques to our own and try to diagnose some advantages and disadvantages of those techniques. We'll also be doing a little bit of talking about the distillation theory.

All members need to bring out two sets of ingredients for the club's first Brewing White Elephant exchange! Bring an "easy" additive to a beer along with a more unique addition; we've had members in the past use persimmon yeast, mushrooms, and all sorts of extras. We're going to aim to have everyone brew a beer for April or May using their final ingredients.

See everyone at the meeting!


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