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TSF May Meeting Review

A big month ahead of us for TSF! At the meeting this month, we set up two separate meetup events for our club.

The first event will be a celebration of AHA's Big Brew Day on Saturday, May 7th, at Mark's house. The event information can be found on Facebook. If you have any other questions, or need to figure out the exact location, reach out to us at, or to Mark directly.

The second event will be our annual Spring Brewery Crawl, on May 21st in the Leesburg area. We'll be starting around 2:30PM (some members have already said their timelines will be a little later) at Black Hoof and deciding on what the plan is from there. This event is open to anyone who would like to attend, so feel free to bring any friends, partners, or long-lost siblings who you've just been reunited with. The event information can be found on Facebook.

For our actual meeting, we didn't have any sort of education piece this month. Next month, we'll be doing blind tastings of some commercial beers and trying to guess which beer and which BJCP style it is. The beer of the month for May was summertime beers. There was a bit of a common theme: TSF members seem to enjoy bitterness in their summertime beers. Slava brought out a blonde that might've had a bit more bitterness than style guidelines ask for, Keith, Bob, and Jason brought out a couple of pale ales that were hop-forward, Mark brought a killer IPA, and Brian brought a dry Irish stout that was dry, Irish, and... way too aggressively hopped. Keith also brought up a great new resource: BrewDog has released documentation on all of their beers' recipes. This information can be found on their website, or in PDF format. We'll also be adding this to our Facebook's resources page.

Our beer of the month for June is hazy beer. While this can obviously be hazy IPAs, all hazy entrants (hefeweizens, sours, etc.) are encouraged. But make it hazy!

Our beer of the month for July is lawnmower beers. A little different than summer beers, in that this is the one you want after a day mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, or biking the W&OD Trail.

Our next meeting will be June 6th at House 6 Brewing.

For more information on what you might've missed this month, please read the meeting minutes attached!

Download PDF • 185KB

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