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TSF Plans for 2023 (and January Review)

This January, we had a few new faces come out and, for the first time in quite a while, everyone who attended brought a homebrew! In an even more unexpected twist, Mark managed to bring out a homebrew that wasn't clear. Mark's Hazy IPA was one of the favorites of the evening.

Looking forward to 2023, the club discussed our meeting structure moving forward. Rather than continue to meet every month at House 6 Brewing, The Social Fermenters will start to meet every other month at a member's house and brew a beer during the meeting. Our monthly meeting at House 6 will now be every month that there isn't a meeting at a member's house.

Club dues will be established at the February meeting. The goal is that, each month, we will have a permit for the House 6 meetings, or the ingredients of the homebrew being made will be covered by dues. This will depend on what our 2023 membership count ends up looking like, but expect somewhere in the $50-60 range like last year. We would like to participate a bit more in regional homebrew club events, so if you see any events that look interesting, email them or post them on Facebook.

If anyone is interested in hosting on a weekend for February, please let us know which dates work best for you. If we don't have anyone set up by Wednesday, February 1st, we'll meet at House 6 on the 6th. 

Looking forward to 2023!


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